Black Friday Deals

[ Nov 28, 2014 ]

Black Friday is finally here! Don’t miss your chance to snag special items for extra-cheap!

Event Period:
Nov 28th 0:00 - Nov 29th 23:59 EST (GMT-5)

Event Rules:
1. Win 1 Point for every Jewel you spend. Points can be exchanged for items on the event page.
2. Each item can only be exchanged 2 times. Once exchanged, items will be grayed out.
3. All rewards will be delivered to your in-game mailbox. Your mailbox can only hold up to 10 messages, so make sure you claim your rewards on time!
4. Points will be invalid after the event ends. The event page will be removed on Nov 30th 0:59, but Jewels spent on Nov 30th won’t grant any points.

List of rewards:



600 Chiron Shards

6,999 Points

600 Abyss Demon Shards

5,999 Points

600 Renee Ven Shards

5,999 Points

500 Pounder Shards

2,999 Points

60,000 Mystic Crystals

2,999 Points

50,000 Souls

1,999 Points

1,000 Rings

999 Points

2 Coral EXP Eggs

599 Points